The Plexity Labs Experience

plex-i-ty /pleksədē/ 

: when many things become one

// "...the autumn was well advanced, the trees gone to pen-strokes and shadows in crippl’d plexity, bath’d in the declining light." - Pynchon’s Mason & Dixon

labs / labz/

: a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study

// a resarch laboratory

plex-i-ty labs /pleksədē labz/ 

:a product development company focused on launching innovative products through crowdfunding, eCommerce, and retail.

// Plexity Labs launched the fall of 2016, built on Eric's experience in engineering, manufacturing, and entrepreneurship, and Chris' deep history of branding, marketing, art, and design. We have successfully launched products on Kickstarter and have been selling on Amazon for over a decade.

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Dongle Dangler and UFO Tops.

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